Top 5 Borderlands 3 Best Grenades and How to Get Them (2024)

Grenades may not be as important to some builds in Borderlands 3 (unless you’re Moze/maybe Zane if you’re using the drone delivery skill or any of his other skills that consume or use grenades) but still, grenades have at least someplace in most builds. Here are the top 5 best ones in Borderlands 3 and how to get them.

5. Epicenter

Top 5 Borderlands 3 Best Grenades and How to Get Them (1)

The flavor text for this grenade is a reference to the Johnny Cash song "Ring of Fire".

This grenade mod works well with any class but synergizes the most with Moze. If you get the right skills in the Demolition Woman tree, you can get a lot of damage output with this grenade mod. That’s not to say you can’t use it with any other vault hunter skills involving grenades, but let’s be honest, if you’re running a build focused on using grenades, it’s gonna be a Moze build.

Manufacturer: Vladof

The orbs this grenade sends out are exactly the same orbs used in the Troy Calypso boss battle.

Epicenter Stats

  • Legendary
  • Fairly High Damage
  • The special weapon effect gives it a very large radius
  • It burns, burns, burns. - Always incendiary. Sends out a ring of 13 orbs that deal incendiary damage.

Why the Epicenter is Great

  • Main purpose is to do damage with the orbs
  • If you get a spring prefix, it will send out orbs with each jump

How to et the Epicenter

  • World Drop

4. Quasar

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The named enemy that drops this weapon is a reference to the adult swimshow Rick and Morty. Warty is also accompanied by another enemy named Wick.

This grenade comes in many different forms. But no matter the form the primary function of the Quasar grenade is like a singularity grenade from any previous borderlands game. Instead of a black hole, the quasar uses electrical beams to pull enemies in.

Manufacturer(s): Atlas (homing), Hyperion (longbow), Torque (exploder), and Tediore (lobbed).

If this grenade seems familiar it’s because it’s an old grenade mod from Borderlands 2.

Quasar Stats

  • Legendary
  • High Dot mostly used for control
  • Average radius
  • E=mc^(OMG)/wtf - Always shock element. Releases arcs of electricity that chain to nearby enemies and pulls them in for a few seconds.

Why the Quasar is Great

  • Main purpose is to group up enemies
  • Synergizes with builds that focus on shock damage

How to get the Quasar

  • World Drop
  • Warty located in Lectra City on Promethea

3. Hex

Top 5 Borderlands 3 Best Grenades and How to Get Them (3)

The hex has several prefixes, MIRV, MIRV-Tacular, Cloning, Mitosis, and Recurring. The only difference between these prefixes is how many additional grenades it spawns once the hex has been thrown or once it impacts.

Covers your enemies in elemental damage with a series of beams. Comes in Cryo, Shock, and Radiation variants. So of course it works best with the characters that use elements. Not to say it doesn’t work with Moze, but there are other better grenades that work better.

Manufacturer: Atlas

The reference this grenade’s flavor text makes is to the song All Bodies by Between the Buried and Me.

Hex Stats

  • Legendary
  • Fairly High DOT mainly for status application
  • Low radius but comes in MIRV
  • Keeper of the stars, I hope to never find - Homing grenade that targets the closest enemy and generates an elemental beam to them.

Why the Hex is Great

  • Works really well for status application
  • The best variant is cryo according to most guides and forums

How to get the Hex

  • World Drop
  • Sky Bullies located in The Anvil on Eden-6

2. Storm Front

Top 5 Borderlands 3 Best Grenades and How to Get Them (4)

The storm front along with other grenades that spawns elemental beams was nerfed in a patch that was applied in October of last year. It no longer counts for splash damage according to any skills.

The Storm front is similar to the hex in that it spawns several child grenades that also produce elemental beams, that’s where the similarities stop. The storm front doesn’t have any of the same tracking abilities of the Hex and only comes in shock. It does have higher damage over time and longer duration. It’s perfect for any build that could use some dot to get rid of pesky shields, just don’t use it around Killavolt.

Manufacturers: Hyperion, Tediore, and Vladof.

The storm front’s red text is from a Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

Storm Front Stats

  • Legendary
  • Very High Dot
  • Low radius but comes in MIRV
  • Very, very frightening – Always shock. Spawns several child grenades that chains lightning to multiple enemies.

Why the Storm Front is Great

  • Shock Build Synergy
  • Surprisingly High DOT

How to get the Storm Front

  • World Drop
  • El Dragón Jr. located in Jakobs Estate on Eden-6.

1. It’s Piss

Top 5 Borderlands 3 Best Grenades and How to Get Them (5)

This grenade is a reference to Tf2, it’s used only used by professionals because professionals have standards.

This grenade is mostly used to debuff enemies, though it does have a secondary use to help allies. This grenade works with all characters except it doesn’t synergize well with Moze, but as the game will tell you, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it.

Manufacturer: Vladof (not Mann Co.)

Also, the red flavor text and who the grenade drops from are references to the 1985 movie, The Goonies.

It's Piss Stats

  • Legendary
  • Low Damage
  • Relatively large radius
  • Hey you guys! - Clears status effects from allies hit with the blast. Damaged enemies take +20% damage for 6 seconds.

Why the It's Piss is Great

  • Helps to debuff enemies
  • The secondary use helps with a character who has low health regen to our regen dots.
  • Can be used if you already have enough gun damage and want a grenade to debuff

How to get It's Piss

  • Drops from Captain Thunk and Sloth on Konrad’s Hold

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Top 5 Borderlands 3 Best Grenades and How to Get Them (2024)


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